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Child Abuse Awareness

Welcome to l Am A Survivor Photography. This site is dedicated to child abuse victims and survivors who are ready to share their story through photography. When coming forward, survivors struggle with their own identity and who they have become as they grow and mature into adulthood. Sharing our story is a very difficult decision to make, so please be loving and respectful.
I Am A Survivor Photography is a non for profit photography business which is no cost to any survivor. Each person will receive a free photo session for themselves, their family or anyone they would like to have available. Each person in photo session will receive a t shirt and the survivor will receive a zip drive. Their story will be featured in the website with their photographs and their story in their own words.
Thank you to everyone who participates and anyone who takes the time to read and share this website so we can continue to spread awareness of child abuse. By spreading awareness, predators will no longer be able to live in the silence and shame that keep most survivors quiet.
All survivors have experienced something traumatic and many will continue to struggle with the aftermath throughout their lives. Their strength to come forward and share their story is to share their love and compassion so that others may never experience child abuse, as well as finding closure within themselves.


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