Tracy Fricke - Adult Survivor of Child Abuse

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Hello everyone. My name is Tracy Fricke and I am the owner/operator of I Am A Survivor Photography. I am also an adult survivor of child sexual, physical, mental abuse and neglect. I wanted to give the background of my life so others know that they are not alone. To understand why I am sharing my story and the story of others through I Am A Survivor Photography. We are so much more than "just a story", we are people who feel pain, love and we do remember yesterday, embrace today and envision tomorrow. I was born to a schizophrenic father and a mother who just plain either worked too much or tolerated too much, or both. Its are to tell when I was not even 7 years when I was moved from what I knew as my home. In those 6 short years, I had seen and been through more than most have experienced at any point in their entire lives. I had been sexually abused by multiple family members, neighbors and a stepdad, while seeing my mom beat up by my bio Dad who thought he the right hand man for God and his acts were what God wanted him to do. Often times, my brother and I were left alone to sit in our rooms without anything but a pear to eat and nothing else in the fridge. Still will not eat a pear to this day. Yuck, just the sight will trigger those memories. We were left there until an adult came back. My stepfather once he arrived would ask all of us to take our clothes off to eat dinner, while moms boyfriend snuck me away to a closet to sexually molest me. Just before moving here, I went through a window and had over 100 stitches put in my legs. I almost died but of course you just dont know that as a kid and to be quite honest, as I lay open and bleeding, I was not even scared. Then it happened, my mom sent me to relatives up north for a visit and I never went back. Everything i knew, my family, mom, brother all gone. I was alone.

But there is so much more to come, more to my story and my life. Stay tuned. Breaking the silence of child abuse. No longer a victim, no longer a child. I am an adult survivor.


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