Child Predators in Today's All Too Accepting Society

Child Predators in Today’s all too Accepting Society

By Tracy Fricke

President and Founder of I am A Survivor Photography

I couldn’t even remember what these people called themselves. Quite Frankly, I don’t even care because it is what it is and they are what they are, pedophiles. But for the sake of writing, lets chat for a moment. This article I posted got under my skin so much I had to put some thoughts down before I exploded. Let me meet one of these “people” and they can try and garner sympathy right before I bring them down to the lower than dirt level they belong to with their sick thoughts about our children. Yes, children belong to all of us to protect.

Minor attracted persons.

Not only is this insulting to all children and adult victims and survivors for child abuse, its quite frankly an insult to the LGBTQ community and if you have not read it for yourself on my page, lets go over some of the key point.

Pedophiles /child sex abusers/ monsters/ child molesters want to be included in the acronym for the LBGTQ community and be defined as minor attracted person. Let’s call it like it is, a pedophile. No other word to define a person who has an attraction to children. It sick and never, ever should it be tolerated as a legal term. I do not care whether they act on it or not. I hope that they never do but let’s face it, the possibility exists if someone is a sick child molester. Nobody that is gay wants anything to do with child molesters and it has nothing to do with their love for their own ADULT partners. Not one person that is gay, just like straight, and is not a pedophile, wants anything to do with anyone who hurts or abuses children. Hell, criminals in the prison system can’t stand anyone who abuses, molests or murders babies or women.

Apparently, they think that if they do not act on it or if the child gives them permission, they are ok to belong in this “special” group, so they are understood. I do not want to understand you. Period. Ok that is out of my system, I know what makes you tick, children. I do not need to say more than that nor do I need to feel sorry for anyone who gets turned on by our kids. Yes, these are our kids that adults are here to protect from these sickos not the other way around. We are not here to make predators feel wanted or safe, and certainly not to protect them from us, we are here to protect children from them. Children can never/ever give them permission as they state. That is why children are minors and are unable to vote, smoke, or drink alcohol. They are not mature enough to make adult decision and certainly cannot give permission to adults to do things. It should be adults guiding them correctly to make the right decisions not manipulate them into doing something that they are unable to fully understand but that predator knows good and well exactly what they are doing. Children were given parents for a reason. The same reason all mammals are given parents. To teach them right from wrong and raise them to be able to protect themselves, while growing into healthy, productive adults one day.

So, have we hit a point in society to become accepting of all things immoral and accept them as moral to not offend the immoral? Some might say that is a silly question. Some might say that what they are doing is not immoral or how do we define morality. Its simple, in my opinion. What you do certainly should never affect another person in a negative manner, right or wrong, yes or no. You do not get to do to others as you wish in your own pleasures, if they do not wish to do the same with you or are not mentally capable of making the decision to reciprocate the behavior. But then again, we abort 900k plus babies per day without their consent and are causing irreparable harm, so I guess maybe we are headed in the direction that born children are no longer considered human either because they are unable to take care of or defend themselves. Can we say the same for the elderly? Or women who can not defend themselves against a rapist because they are stronger? So, should society be accepting of anything immoral because the person committing the immoral act is stronger and able to take what they want, and the other party is unable to defend themselves?

There are so many questions that I believe society is walking a very, very thin line in making sure they make the right decision here. We are in fact talking life or death, human vs non-human and our ability to play God to decide who can live or die, who can suffer or not at the hands of very sick people simply because they are not able to defend themselves. There is no grey to morality and there is no grey to committing illegal, heinous acts against the most innocent among us who we should be protecting and not murdering or abusing. This is clearly a black/white issue with no grey in between and when society becomes so accepting of behaviors that are sickening and cause permanent damage to another individual, we are losing all sense of humanity.


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