Whitney White - the younger years

I Am A Survivor Photography shared Whitney's blog just one week ago, the world got to meet Whitney White as she shared her experience with child abuse at the hands of her grandfather and his wife. Please recap one part of the blog below. This photograph Whitney during all of the abuse and her short hair was after her grandfathers wife cut it again and Whitney was back at her Dads.

" My grandpa started blaring the music in the morning to wake me up at 4:30 am so I would have to get up and pull weeds all around the house, then feed all the cows, horses, chickens and still have enough time to go to school. Sometimes, he would boil hard marbles on the stove and then drop the marbles under the blanket burning my legs and skin. He would surprise me whether it would be the loud music or the hot marbles each day. I was not allowed to shower and could only take a shower once per week. I had cow shit all over me and was not allowed to wear any deodorant, nor could I shave my legs. I had long hair and was a sporty girl, but his wife cut all my hair off. So now I was in junior high with short hair, no deodorant and not allowed to shower but maybe once per week. The beatings from both each day still leaves scars on my back sides. Horse whips, belt buckles and back hands leaving permanent scars in my mouth. "

Whitney messaged me and wants me to share with you what she looked like during this time in her life. So everyone please meet a younger Whitney who is and was a beautiful young lady who was facing a lot of pain and hardship at this time in her life.


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